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HK$ 155.00
Dual-ended, angled eyebrow brush to apply brow makeup.

HK$ 155.00
Square-shaped eyebrow brush to define & blend product.

Brush 15 - Mini Angled Brush
Add a Brush for $10
HK$ 147.00
Travel-size, flat angled eyebrow brush to fill brows.

HK$ 155.00
Tapered, angled eyebrow brush to apply DIPBROW® Pomade.

HK$ 155.00
Firm, angled eyebrow brush to fill and detail brows.

Ombré Brow Kit
Add a Brush for $10
HK$ 259.00
Brow kit of Brow Powder Duo, Brush 7B and Clear Brow Gel.

Learn More About Brow Brushes

Never be without the right tools for crafting the perfect set of brows. ABH’s pro-quality brow brushes are uniquely designed to pair with our brow product formulas. Use Brush 7B to apply Brow Powder Duo for a soft, natural-looking brow fill. The tapered angle shape of Brush 12 and Brush 14 - Dual-Ended Firm Detail Brush are ideal for applying emollient-based brow products like DIPBROW® Pomade and even DIPBROW® Gel. Blend for a seamless highlight finish using the flat, square-shaped Brush 20. All these brushes include a custom spoolie for softly blending to a polished finish. On the go? Pack along the mini-sized Brush 15 for your travel makeup needs.

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